So much to be thankful for

I had a nice relaxing weekend up at the lake. It snowed (and snowed and snowed) so it seemed more like christmas, but it was beautiful. The roads weren't too bad so we all made it up there OK. My sis in law wasn't feeling well so she stayed home with the cats, which made it a little less hectic in the cabin. Plus a few people didn't make it up to the lake with all the snow, so the number of people at the big turkeyfest was narrowed down to 20 - which was the perfect size. There was lots of space, and great conversation with friends and family.
My hermity old uncle brought up borscht (who knew bachelors made good soup? :) ) and I helped Mom figure out her new bread maker. With her arthritis she can't knead bread properly anymore and was getting pretty frustrated at the flat wimpy bread and buns she'd been making, so she picked up a black & decker breadmaker...we diddled with it a bit and I wrote down the reader's digest condensed instructions for her (too many buttons for her to just dive in and use it on her is cute that way: she could save a life in the hospital but give here more than 3 buttons on any machine and she'll freak out and run away!). We made dough for buns and some herbed bread for the big supper....YUM...AND as a bonus, one of Mums friends had that very bread maker and she never uses it so she sold it to me for cheap...he heh...carbtown here I come! I haven't been convinced of bread maker's being worth it until I played with mum's. I am now. I'm pumped to make my own bread more often...I always skimp out on the kneading part. I love bread and I love knowing it will be homemade from now on, instead of just occasionally when I have a day to diddle around. Yum.
Dad & J built the shelf, and it looks great. We bought way too nice wood considering it will be painted (oops) but oh well - I love having furniture my Dad made. It means a lot to look around and see him in the things we have here at home. I even had time to make surprise cookies with my brother's student Yukiho. They are amazing. I'll post the recipe on my food blog later when I get the chance...peanut butter surprise filling inside a chocolate cookie. Seriously amazing.
And then it was turkey supper at J's parents on the way home...and then finally home. Yes, it's nice to be home. I'm all visited and turkeyed out. :) I have so much to be thankful for: My mum's health, my wonderful family, a great cabin to spend holiday time at and my wonderful husband to spend it all with. Luv you J.
Well, back to the lab. Have a great day everyone!

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Scrumpy said...

That sounds fantastic. It really got me in a holiday mood. My dad and sister are coming to Chicago for Thanksgiving and I can't wait.

Those cookies sound FAB, can't wait to try them! I posted a link to the marshmallow recipe on my blog, but here it is...