This day has been brought to you by the letters L and A and...

I have successfully and rather accidentally wasted an evening after having VERY good intentions. I really need to get work done on my thesis and despite my actual looking forward to doing some solid work tonight I have nothing to show for it.
Yes I made muffins while making supper, but really, it was not what i planned. I slept in, went to work and then worked over some of my lunch so I could go take a step and sculpt class at 430 and theoretically be on the bus and home by 6. Yeah...more like 715 with our fun bus schedule. I liked the sculpt part of the class but the step part of it had a lot of really complicated moves and stuff and I really didn't quite get the groove until it was done...but it felt good to work out. It didn't help that once I got home I learned that I and many friends did not get tickets to an event we'd been planning for and by the time I got back around to being in a state of mind to do anything it is time to go to bed. I also get the fun of telling J when he gets home that our summer plans are rather snafu'd. I am dissapointed. This was a few years in the planning...and may not happen anymore. NOt sure if I should book time off and start planning and putting $$$ into something or just call it off...

Bit of a washout day really...

Time for bed. Tomorrow is another day.


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