I wish to have this kind of time

La la la la laaaaaaah!
I am in a rediculously good mood for absolutely no reason at all :)
Woke up this way. Love it when this happens!

Last night I really got down with my thesis. I sat down for a bit to plan out how to discuss my three hypothesis and ended up spending 3 hours hammering out an outline plan for discussion of all of them. With THAT I can get down to writing them. This is the easy stuff - stuff I've DONE. I can talk about it. Already have the tables and figures. Finally feel like I'm onto something. Tonight J works all night so I'm going to head home after work and attack the first hypothesis while I feel all funkilicious about it.
Also - on the mead front - things are burbling. I was a bit worried at first, because it's not a crazy explosive krausen like the last batch of strawberry beer I made that actually fermented so much it blew the lid off the primary fermenter, but if you put your ear beside the pail you can hear it fizzling away...sounds like bubbles popping or the fizz in a glass of soda. It's alive! ALIVE! In a week I'll check the specific gravity. If it's going down, then everything is just peachy and the yeasties are making booze...

This morning I got up to work out and class was cancelled (it's spring break so a lot of stuff isn't on this week) so I made up a workout and I'm pretty proud of it. Good overall workout. Here is what I got up to:

Loop 1:
20 deadlifts
12 T-arm raises sides (8 Lb)
12 T- arm raises front (8 Lb)
12 Leg extensions (40 Lb)
12 standing shoulder presses (8 Lb)
Done 3 times

Loop 2:
20 back extensions
20 suspended crunches
20 standing side weight crunches/extensiony things with 20 Lb (each side)
Done twice

Loop 3:
10 side lunges (each side)
10 walking lunges (both sides)
10 reverse lunges into a front kick (both sides)
Done twice

Loop 4: variation of Josie's Planking circuit (just no standing up at the end between reps)
planked leg reverse lifts (one each leg)
mountain climber knee in crunches (one each leg)
planked knee into opposite elbow crunches (one each leg)
Do twenty times

Then 25 minutes on the elliptical. I feel AWESOME :) Muahahaha!

And on a separate nifty note, my favourite electronic/ambient/dub artist Ott has put out an album, which I finally got around to buying. It's so happy and loungy and lovely. Here's a track from it to make a happy few minutes for your ears...

Have a fantastic day :)

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Yum Yucky said...

Girl, you are a ball of fire! Oh, and a booze-maker on top of that.