Froggy frosty morning

Boooooyah! booyaaaaah!

This morning I wasn't sure what to do, so I crawled out of bed and wandered through a winter wonderland of hoar frost and fog and fresh snow to the bus to the gym to see what I'd come up with.

And I decided it was a ZWOW kinda day. So, I did ZWOW4:
One circuit was: 50 pendulum kicks, 20 burpees, 20 medicine ball swings (supposed to be kettleball but our gym doesn't have any), 10 push ups with turn around toe touch, 6 deep squats with medicine ball above head (supposed to be a broom...but I had none) and 2 minutes jumping rope. Used a 10Lb medicine ball, and the inprovization worked rather well I think. I was worried I'd toss it into the mirrored wall if it was much heavier than that...:) The gym just started putting out skip ropes with their gear so I could actually skip...and boy am I not the skipper I was as a kid...I can't do high knee skipping cuz of my knee, but it still gets your heart rate up even with whacking yourself with the rope every 20 seconds or so...or is that just me? :)
I did this FOUR times through cuz I'm badass like that...and I can't read my own notes , he heh. It was supposed to be 3 times thru and I read it as do 3 more times! But this was no bad thing I think. Whooped me. My bum is stiff in amusing ways and I feel fantastic :) I had time for some side crunches and then a long hot shower before walking across a snowy gorgeous campus to get to work just on time.
I was borderline late for work trying to take a few photos of the gorgeous hoar frost this morning. It snowed heavily with fog overnight and everything is coated with a cm of's gorgous in the starlight. Come sunrise it'll melt away if the temperature gets warm enough...things like that are a reward for being up at stupid o'clock. Fantastic way to start the day.

Have a wonderful day and most excellent weekend everyone :)

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