what was that all about

Well. This weekend I got a LOT done on my thesis. I also had a complete freakout meltdown due to stress on saturday, as well as a large tortellini cheese fest on sunday with a bottle of wine and a good movie (King's Speech). Up. Down. Up. Down. Yup. It's like that...

So, trying to get back on level track today. I came in to workout...not sure what to do so I wandered into the spin class and let the lady kick my ass for 45 minutes. Then I did a few ab things and called it a morning. Hot shower and some granola and I'm in on the scene for work.

I have a few days to proof the first 2 sections of my thesis before I hand them in. I also have a lot of things to work on at my new job. Things to change in how and what I do so that I am feeling better about me and what I'm doing. It's terrifying and exciting at the same time that I have the job I do...I just want to be worthy of it...while writing a thesis...*sigh*. Just have to keep at it. Bit by bit. A good friend's Dad just died and I've been trying to be there for her...it's a lot like when my Mum died so we can talk and she feels like I understand it more. It's been a bit tough for me, but I know it helps her having someone to talk to. She goes back to the UK soon. Shame. I wish she were closer...she's one of those friends I've had forever...it's been nice having her closer...awful reason for it tho. She's doing OK. I'm glad.

Must be off to my new job. Much to do. Coffee to drink. Diseases to cure. You know....same old :)

Have a great day everyone. I'll try to...

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azusmom said...

If it helps, I had A LOT of anxiety during grad school. And I was just a theater major!

I'm so sorry about your friend's dad!