early night

Last night I was ever so cool and went to bed at 915 after dying my hair. Yes...it's a real exciting life here! I loved it, I must say. I so seldom get an evening to just do a few things for myself and sleep in. Just took some time to relax, snuggle with my J and read a bit and fall asleep blissfully early. It was lovely. I feel completely rested (and I look great) :)

This morning I came in for spin and sculpt class. It was a lot of fun. New routine for february, with lots of squats and pushups (60...ergh...I admit I did some on my knees) and planks. I feel very good. I can tell how much strength I've lost taking all that time off in Dec and Jan, but I'll build it back. Right now I'm making up for what I don't have in strength with stubbornness :)
I am very excited - I'm wearing my spanking new work boots today - I get to go on site and see the new labs this afternoon. My labs! Meep. They'll be done in a few months...I'm very excited.

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