Wednesdays are dress like a ninja day

I so desperately want to hang this on the door to my lab...

Last night J and I accidentally stayed up late on the interwebs looking up stuff for our summer trip that has sort of snuck up on us and expanded. We are going to my friend's wedding in the UK and taking 5 days in the middle of our time there to take the train up north and spend 3 days hiking on the Arran Island up in Scotland. I am beyond excited. I'm itching to get a new pair of hikers and break them in. I can't wait to see my friend and share in her wedding. I can't wait to spend the days hiking along coastal fields. Meep! I have an uber goal now - finish my thesis before we leave for this trip. Reading all about the island and train schedules and B&Bs and local distilleries with tasting tours (ahem) kept me up rather late so my 5:20 alarm hurt...but I came in. I did my thing. With style. :)
I dusted off my workout A + abfest from so very long ago and threw in 26 minutes on the elliptical at the endfor a solid workout. I've been trying some medicine ball twists lately...felt good. Theres' a girl in wicked shape who is always doing cool combination workouts and I want to ask her where she gets them from. They're kinda like bodyrock style workouts...looks like challenging with lots of variation but not ridiculously hard. I think they would be fun. I feel like I need a new workout or two to throw int he mix. The whole workout schedule changes in April and my tues/thurs spin and sculpt class may be gone so I'm looking at what I can find to fill the gap...

I must be off. I have a meeting today and I have to be all official and stuff and try and get things done for it. I still can't believe I get to do what I do some days.
Yay life :)
Have a great day everyone!


azusmom said…
Wow! That sounds like an AMAZING vacay!!!!!!
Have a great day!
Yum Yucky said…
Dude. I need that sign. I want that sign. Gotta have that sign. (and yay for vacations!)

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