Oh hello tiredness, what kept you?

This morning I am tired.
I got up and came in for spin and sculpt and it should be a good day...just tired. SO tired.
Last night I really could have gotten more done on my thesis. Lots of procrastinating and feeling tired made for only about 1 good hour of work. I'd almost fogotten what tired was like...ah the memories...
I am hoping, since monday is a holiday, that I can really get some serious work done this weekend on the thesis. I am not looking forward to it, but it will get done, bit by bit.That and a nap or two or three
Have a great day! I'm off to find some coffee to keep me going...


Redbush said…
I hear you! I couldn't do morning without my cup of Joe, actually about 10 cups usually. I still seem to get tired, though. Good luck with your thesis!
Lisa Brown said…
I think it would be good to manage your time properly. That way, it can be easy to balance the work out and thesis writing so that you wouldn’t be burn out with all of it. Anyway, heard you already finished your thesis. I think time management would also be good for your workout to maximize your energy and time.

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