here we go again

Well. This weekend was fun. I admit I got very little done on my thesis, but it was very relaxing. Saturday J and I went to see the a showing of The Thief of Baghdad, with live musicians form the local orchestra playing an accompaniment. It was fantastic. I am amazed over and over again at that film - considering it was made in 1926 - it is still incredible. The sets and costumes and special effects are amazing. Even flying carpets :)

Saturday evening we threw a little shindig to say thanks to all the people who helped out with our party on Dec 26. We threw it a a friends cozy old house, with good drinks and munchables. The weather was blizzardy so there wasn't much hanging out outside, but it was a nice relaxing time with friends. Got to goof around and just relax for once, mix up ridiculous drinks and laugh and have fun. A few buddies and I even brought some clothes we like but don't wear anymore and got to swap out too big/small stuff for other new things to love. I scored some good work sweaters and a swanky leather jacket. Meow.

Sunday was mostly napping and recovering from the whole saturday experience. I had every intention of doing thesis work, but I ended up leaving the Oscars on while I worked...and consequently didn't do a whole lot. I did get some chores done and I'm happy to report that my mead is already up at about 8% alcohol and soon can be racked into a secondary fermentor so it can clarify for a while...just a few more % left to ferment ...probably next weekend I think. He hee. It smells yummy...

This morning I came in to workout and wasn't sure what to do so I wandered into the spin class. Wow. What a workout. the instructor is really good at encouraging you and getting you to work hard without yelling or being aggressive, but it honestly sounds like some kind of erotic exchange when she's egging us on (things like: "yeah yeah, oh yeah. harder. yeah. come on. yes yes...") I admit I giggled a fair bit at first...and then I was breathing too hard and concentrating on not dying. She's good! Afterwards I did some abwork and I'm in for work.
Have a great day!


Charlotte said...

So much of fitness sounds like porn, doesn't it?? I always love the fit instructors who realize it and kind of laugh about it. Nothing takes my mind off the pain like hearing "Where my hookers at?!" in kickboxing.

azusmom said...

Maybe I shouldn't worry so much about being "appropriate" when I teach my classes, lol!