Gratefulness in Motion

Had a nice weekend. I got a lot of work done on my thesis. Well, OK, all I really did this weekend was work on my thesis, but I really feel like I'm sinking my teeth into it and getting somewhere...slowly but surely. We had a family meal last night where I totally indulged on chicken balls and trifle (My mum in law makes the best trifle on earth), but it was a good healthy weekend otherwise. I even discovered a new healthy awesome breakfast we tried out sunday morning - shakshuka -an Isreali dish of peppery tomato sauce with eggs poached in it. I cut back the oil a bit but other than that it was quite authentic...and it was awesome. I'm determined to make two new healthy recipes a month. So far I'm two for two with tasty ones. :)
Today I came in to workout. It was a bit slack and unplanned, but I got it done...step ups, deadlifts, walking lunges, bent rows and t arm raises with my abfest and some HIIT biking. Woke me up and got me ready for today. I'm just glad to be able to do all these things. I've been quite grateful for what I can do now: I spent some time talking with a friend yesterday whose Dad just died after a long battle with cancer and my Uncle Larry is recovering very slowly from some horrible injuries due to a head on collision accident. I don't want to take my health for granted. It's not so much about competing with myself anymore...I feel obligated almost to move and do for those who can't. Life is too short :)
Have a wonderful day everyone.

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