what to do with wednesdays

In my attempt to get more sleep and ease back into the workouts so as not to injure myself, I'm trying ot make wednesday a bit less of a workout day, where I sleep in a bit and go for a brisk walk at lunch. This AM I also popped out of bed a bit early (but still getting 45 minutes more sleep) and did my old but trusty exercise ball DVD and my abfest after, taking just over 20 minutes total. I still plan on a walk at lunch, but this was a nice way to start the day at home. The ball DVD is simple, but a good basic workout, one minute intervals of the following:

-squats, with back on the ball
-situps on the ball
-squats, with back on the ball
-situps on the ball
-pushups with feet up on the ball
-back extensions on theball
-pushups pushups with feet up on the ball
-bird dogs extensions with stomach on the ball
-lower ab curls with ball between the knees
-hamstring/butt raises with feet on ball and should
ers/arms on floor
-lower ab curls with ball between the knees
-hamstring/butt raises with feet on ball and shoulders/arms on floor
-thigh squeeze inwards with ball between knees paired with crunches
-chest squeeze in with ball between forearms paired with crunches
-thigh squeeze inwards with ball between knees paired with crunches
-chest squeeze in with ball between forearms paired with crunches

This is the DVD I started doing when I first began my whole fitness thing. Back then I couldn't get through it. This morning...it seemed too easy. Strange how things change :) I wanted to do Josie's home workout at Yum Yucky, but there are a lot of squat jumps on it and I don't know how my knee would like it just yet. I'll try it next week after I give my knees a bit more time to adjust to all this exercise business. I think I will be hunting for new workout DVDs too. It was so nice to workout, then get r
eady at home and cook up a hot bowl of Red River cereal for breakfast. It's supposed to sit after you cook it to soften up, so I poured it straight from the pot into a container and by the time I got to work I added a bit of cream, maple syrup and banana and WOW. So tasty. A friend of mine gave me the Red River cereal (he bought too many) and I thought I'd try it out given my rampant love of oatmeal. My mum used to make cream of wheat for us or Red River for my Dad as an alternative to oatmeal some days when I was little and I don't remember if I liked it or not, but now I sure do! It has a nutty almost crunchy texture to it. My Dad always preferred it to oatmeal, which he felt was too mushy. It's definitely on my list of healthy breakfasts now. High fiber, very tasty and filling. I've been told you know you're getting old when
I am feeling very good. Yesterday After a meeting I got to go on a tour of the new lab building and see it all. I saw my new office. with a window looking out over the atrium....eeeee! The new lab area is nothing short of amazing too - state of the art. I still pinch myself that I get to work there. Meep!!
Must go. Must be all sciency wiency.
Later taters...

LATER: I did end up doing Josie's workout at lunch...just modified for my damn knee. I've been doing data entry all day and I needed to wake up. It's a bit too cold outside for my asthma, so I did this inside in my current office with the door shut.

4 rounds of:
10 pushups
5 squat jumps + 10 squat kicks (each side)
16 reverse lunges (no extra weight)

then 5X (45 sec of skipping -high knee running hurt my knee right off the bat, so I switched) + 15 sec marching)

Whew - got me breathing hard and then off to lunch in under 15 minutes feeling great! I think I will leave the squat jumps to 5 or less. My knee isn't complaining...yet. I'll know in an hour or so just how it liked it...I'm liking this lunch activity on wednesdays...

LATER LATER: hmm..a definite piss off from the knee. heh. Note to self - no matter how strong you THINK you are, don't do squat jumps or high knee runs. Hopefully I haven't done anything too detrimental...oops


Yum Yucky said...

Red River cereal? I Google it. So are you one of those Philadelphia Experiment-type scientists doing secret work 'n such? Your new office sounds hella awesome.

Geosomin said...

I think Red River is a Canadian thing...

Nothing too top secret -I'm working at a university/medical school where they've built an entire new research lab facility building. That I get to manage one of the floors on.
It's so cool...:) I'm used to sitting in basement rooms with no light. I get a window! I get a room outside of the lab so I can drink coffee at my desk. EEE!

azusmom said...

Let me know what kind of workout DVDs you're looking for. I have a TON I rarely use and, as we're moving, need to let them go. I'd be happy to send some to you!

Geosomin said...

oooh...really? That's very sweet of you. :)

azusmom said...

Yes, please! You'd be really helping me out! Let me know what you're interested in and I'll gather some together, see if there's anything you'd like.