In the middle of the night...

Last night after J got home form work we stayed up and talked for an hour or so. It was really nice. Sometimes we have our best conversations at 2 AM :). Usually I don't wake up when he gets home so late, but last night I think I just needed to talk. So, needless to say I didn't get up at 5:15 to workout. I think I'll go for a nice brisk walk on my lunch or do a ZWOD today. The step and core class has left me with new interesting aches to replace the ones I had yesterday. I may even make it an active rest day. I feel good...
We'll see. :)

LATER: changed and went for a 30 minute power walk at lunch. It was what I needed.
It's so nice out right now. Think I'll have to do this at least once a week.
Feel much better...more alert.
Well...I should get back to work.
Later taters...


azusmom said…
It's so nice to just connect, isn't it? And so easy to forget how important it is. Glad you had a good night!

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