Count to ten

This weekend was nice. Spent time at friends, board games and wine and laughs. Went bowling with friends last night - I broke 100...I'm a particularly sucky bowler so I was pretty smug. Didn't get too much done as far as chores and practical things though. I need to start to make a list of things needing done and spend either saturday or sunday working on some things...because It's good to be happy, but it's also good to actually accomplish things as well. Things have been better lately. Lots to work on...but good. Got to talk to old friends on the phone. Drank some nice coffee.
It's a start...

I have lost it once before I've pulled myself up from the floor 
And I am looking for a reason to stay standing 
But sometimes it's just too much or not enough or something else 
It's so much bigger than my head, it's too demanding 
Sometimes the fastest way to get there is to go slow 
And sometimes if you wanna hold on you got to let go 
I'm gonna close my eyes 
And count to ten 
I'm gonna close my eyes 
And when I open them again 
Everything will make sense to me then

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