Make it so

This weekend was nice. It was emotionally tiring, but really nice. My sister came down friday night and she, my bro and I went to the funeral. J came down with some kind of crazy cold plague so he stayed home so as not to infect us all with his insane sneezing. The funeral was really nice. Small town great. The town hall in Ridgedale was full to standing room only and we got to see some family we just never get to. Terrible reason, but it was good to see them. And it was the only funeral I've ever been to to where the person being remembered was fondly spoken of for his avid use of the word cocksucker. Hee hee - my uncle's language was always very colourful...but he was also a big teddy bear. A cattle rancher and farmer who died doing his chores...I suppose there isn't a better way to go for someone like Earl. I feel so sad for my auntie and cousins, but I saw them smile and laugh through their tears remembering him. I remember how that felt when my mum died. I know they'll be OK - they have each other. :)

I spent the rest of the weekend indulging in some peaceful recovery. I made a puzzle, drank lots of my new tea (got a bunch of David's Tea for christmas - yum) and read a lot of comics. Then watched a movie. It was a normal sunday. A quiet one...soothing. The first I have had in about 5 weeks. I'd like more. I feel bad that J is sick, but that didn't make the weekend a poor one thankfully. He's been more level as well, and it's been good. Some sunlight through the clouds. I even got the stain out of the carpet with the rug shampooer so that was a bonus. Now if I can just figure out why there's a leak in the ceiling we'll be good for a while...

You know, you just never know when the ones you love will leave this earth - so tell them you love them. Make memories with them. Hug them. Call them up and have tea with them. Don't push aside things for some other time...yes alone time is necessary, but at the end of my life I'd like to be so fondly remembered as my uncle -someone who was rough around the edges, but who spent time with those he loved and worked hard. It was good to be with family and remember good times this weekend. I remembered so many good things in my life and encouraged myself to take the time to listen and love and do the little things that I want to do each day. My friend Cindi snapchatted me images throughout her weekend of moving into her new solo place and it was neat to be able to be a part of her new start even tho I was far good to know that this move is what she needs. That she will be OK. 
Every day is a chance to get things right...Tomorrow is another day to start again.
Make it so :)


Navy Mama said...

I know what you mean about catching up with family at funerals. When I was a kid those were the only times I saw most of my family as all my great aunts and uncles died off. There were no weddings and no babies, so funerals were where it's at.

Nice you had a peaceful weekend. I wonder what that's like!

Geosomin said...

Trying to post on your blog but can't...not sure why