This AM my knee was clicking, so instead of a heavy workout, since I have my Tabata class tomorrow I just decided to take it easy and that the walk to work would be good enough. It was a nice walk.
 I've been devouring new podcasts lately in the mornings: Science VS and Sci Fri along with Welcome to Nightvale and StarTalk...I am on the quest for new ones. If any of you have ones you love (don't have to be sciency) please tell me - I'd be curious to try them. I don't get to learn a lot of new stuff in my current job (meh) so I try and use my brain when I can this way. With my memory issues I often drive J crazy trying to tell him about all the things I learned about that I can't remember all the specifics of later - but I feel like having more knowledge can help me be a better person. If I'm more informed, I can be a more helpful part of society...of my circle of friends...of my family.
I must say tho -I have a bit more focus than before...the medication I'm on seems to be helping altho the dosage may need to be adjusted a bit to see if it will improve even more - I am enjoying having some times of mental clarity again. Complex thought and analysis are welcome old friends. Hell, I can even read a book and remember parts of it later! This is huge. It's like your ear popping after it's been plugged again and being able to hear again. :)

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