I'm still alive!!

HIIT class last night was intense and awesome. I love the format and the teacher is great. It was a very solid workout. She does 4 minute tabatas of 4 different things with a 1 minute break in between before you go on to the next set. Last night we did 6 sets total with a warm up and cool down. Phew. My friend Robin and I certainly got in a solid workout.

This AM I got up to do the Bodyrock HIITMax 1 workout with my new gear. I don't have sand for my sandbag yet, but it was cool to have the gear for everything else. And the weighted vest? Phew! Challenging. I admit was a bit weak weak in some muscle groups from last night so it was tough, but I got through it. I'm stiff in my butt and hammy's this morning but not too bad. Everything else has that I worked out but am not actually sore feeling...better than I figured I'd be. It feels good to exercise again.

A blizzard blew in last night while I was in class. Driving home was like jumping to hyperspace in the millennium falcon - I was glad I didn't have to go very far!! Today is another brutally cold day (-43 Cwith the wind) but the blizzard blew itself out so it's back to normal today. My friend in california sent me a news clip from Portland where they're talking about "heavy snow and blowing snow" and the newscaster is bundled up to the level we'd need up here...for a light snowfall and -10 C- maybe 1-2 inches. It looks like a calm regular winter day. It's funny how a snowpocalypse there is nothing here. I'm always amazed every winter how things just go on as usual here in the midst of deep winter. I take the bus so I don't have to make the poor car do things in this weather...you figure it out. The entire province of Saskatchewan was under an extreme cold weather warning this morning - I don't know if that's ever happened before. I hope it warms up soon. This cold snap is annoying...stay warm peeps!

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