10 Kg of rice is a lot of rice

I finally stopped creaking by sunday. Whew. I was pretty stiff. My left knee is doing it's "thing" again, so I'm trying to be kind to it. As my legs get stronger it should fade. I'm modifying if there is any pain. So far so good. I had lots of hot baths over the weekend to help get rid of the aches and had a beer or two in the bath...bubblebaths with beers are really the best.

On sundayI bought 10 Kg of rice and put it all inside ziplocs and into my new sandbag. It's ~22 Lb and I can remove a few bags that should weigh about 2 Lb each if I find it is too much. I used it this morning and it's challenging but not overwhelming. Very versatile tool I'm loving it already.

This morning I got up and did Bodyrock HIITMax 1 and 2 again through as instructed. I modified where needed (skips and jumping jacks instead of burpees) and pushups on the knees. I still can't do suspended tricep dips either, but I tried :) I made it through. AND as an added bonus the deep freeze we've been in has lifted and it was actually nice enough for me to walk to work today. Meep!! It was only -12 with a bit of wind. With my long coat and less trompy boots I had a nice walk to work, listening to a Startalk podcast and sipping some chai tea. It's a great way to start the day. I have been missing my morning walks.

I should go be sciency though. I hope you are all well. I feel pretty good so far today. I am hoping this week will be a good one. I really do.

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