Friday the 13th

It's friday. The 13th. I love it - they tend to be lucky days for me. Here's hoping the trend continues.

Oy tho -Talk about delayed onset muscle soreness. Ooooeeee.
This AM I almost wimped out because I was so achey and didn't sleep very well last night (woke up a zillion times), but I managed to finally haul my ass out to the living room and do the HIITMax 2 workout, although I switched out burpees for skipping for cardio because after a few of them my lower body was ready to quit all together. I had a heckuva time doing the lunges because my legs are quite stiff...but I did the best I could. It is done...that is the important part. I think a hot bath with epsom salts may be in order tonight tho...
This weekend I'm gonna buy some rice for my sand bag. I'm hoping it'll be heavy enough. It would be easier to clean up than sand if things I don't know where to get sand in the middle of winter. I'm hoping I'll be able to fit 20 Lb into the bag...we'll see. I saw a few blog posts of others who've done it so I'm hopeful.
I can't wait for the stiffness to's always evil when you're getting back into things. But I will persevere. I have an ass to build. :)

Gotta run. Much to do. I hope to watch a cheesy horror film tonight...cuz it's friday the 13th.

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