Brace yourself

Picked up a Tensor knee brace with side stabilizers at London Drugs before class last night. It is ugly as hell, but it really helps. I could do the Tabata class, although I was modifying a few things (like no switch lunges or knee killers moves like that) - I didn't have any clicks or pain with it on.  Later that evening my knee did get stiff and click more after when I would straighten my leg (the clicks are what hurt) so I put the brace back on. I've work it all day today. It's comfy and has kept my kneecap oriented and tracking correctly all day with my stiff weak leg muscles so it doesn't click. I'm gonna take it easy to the leg, do knee strengthening exercises only and just walk lots and do upper body stuff until class next week to let it get stronger. Once I get stronger this will fade. It's annoying, but I can deal- a reminder I can't just jump back into things all the time - and I MUST stretch after. Skipping a stretch is what I think started all this last week. Tight stiff quad and glut muscles pull my kneecap out of alignment and cause all this mess. I'll get a more expensive brace to wear while I exercise long term if it'll help - I figured 25 bucks was a good minimum investment to see if it would help. So far so good.

Today I had a really good management training course and it had a lot of things that were applicable for use in my home life as well. It focused on being present and creating an environment of positive encouragement and acknowledgement. It focused on how to be an encouraging manager and work with people to find their skills and help them feel appreciated. It was a lot to take home and try to insert into my life and workplace.

Tonight I finally get to see my bestie Heather - I haven't seen her since the start of December. Too long...and lots has happened. We're gonna go for snacks at the mall and a late movie and it'll be so nice to catch up. Gonna go see the latest Underworld installment, eat popcorn and make fun of the vampires. Should be fun. I really missed her.

Also talked to the roofer who replaced our roof a few years ago and I  hope to book someone soon to come look at our attic soon and see if I can't get to the bottom of our condensation issues. Maybe we need more vents or better insulation. We'll see. When I say it is a condensation and insulation issue J won't take Dad's advice for it and wants an expert opinion - but we don't really know all we could do to fix it really and I hope that whatever info we get from a roofing person it'll get dealt with better.  We have a bit of money set aside for this kinda thing so I'll pay what we need to to get this fixed. I could do the work...depends on what it is tho. It's hot itchy sweaty work to be in an attic and I just don't really want to.

Did you know it's +4 today.

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JavaChick said...

Good luck with the knee! My husband wore a knee brace for a while and he found it helped. He ended up in physio for a while, but he also does not exercise at all so....

Hope you are back in fighting shape soon! :)