Hump day

It's good to be back at work after the break. Having an increased focus has been neat the last few days - I hope it will help me be more accomplished at work and not feel like such a derp. Not having my home life in shambles and getting some sleep is also a bonus. I need to start to feel like a useful hooman here and it's sort of starting. I'm glad.

I hope January will be a good month. A start to a good year. I hope to get up to workout tomorrow morning as well. My arm has healed up enough that I will be able to work out without worrying about damaging it - it isn't sore anymore and sweating won't harm it at this point. I don't really technically need to cover up my scrape anymore, but being in a lab I feel it's appropriate. It shouldn't leave a scar, which is good...I have enough of those already.

My old bestie friend Cindi who has found herself separating from her husband after almost 20 years just got her condo keys's a happy/sad time for her. I'm so glad that she is finally able to move forward with this. I came to the point this holiday season in my own life where I actually understand how such a thing could happen with a couple, even after so long...and if you both don't want to try and work to fix things...or it just can't be fixed somehow and it's something you just can't handle anymore? Well, you sometimes have to just face up to it...sometimes you should just move on. There's no shame in it. There is no sense in being miserable for the rest of your life. Life is too damn short for that. I was hoping to go visit her this month for moral support, but she will be moving all this month and will be stressed and busy so we are scheming for me to go see her at the start of february once she is settled in and can have time to breathe and I am very much looking forward to it. I can't wait to see her and talk to her...she is a strong and amazing woman and a dear friend...and I hope that this new year will be kind to her. To both of us. I hope to be strong too...and to be able to work forward with things to improve them. My health. My mind. My relationship with J - to encourage him to get the help he needs so that he can be more whole. I think it is crazy that cancer was not something that we had problems with...but life...depression? These are things you live with and things that you can't pretend away...and things  that can be deal breakers...things like that you cannot always control in others. I *can* control how I respond to them though. And so THAT is what I will be focusing on in the near future. Plant the seeds. Watch them grow. Kindness. Respect. These are things I will be offering instead of bitterness and anger.

Well...I should be off...gotta wrap up and head home. I was gifted some David's Tea certificates for christmas and I plan to go and get a shwack of tea this evening for my slurping pleasure. And I actually want to go there is that too. It's the little things :)

Later taters.

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JavaChick said...

I am experiencing the opposite - I was happy hibernating at home and I don't want to be at work! Ah well.

Hope things start looking up for you guys, and that J can get some help. That is a tough situation to be in, for sure.