Blooming initiated

Well hi there.
I am glad to say things have gotten better. There were tough times. VERY tough times. Almost insurmountable...but love as they say conquers all and I am very glad to say that in the end we made it through. Having a visit from an old dear friend and his new lovely girlfriend for the last few days helped a great deal. They head home this AM so we shall see how the new year goes again with them gone...I hope we both can continue to improve in our soltitude.

As for me? Well I have a hematite ring on my right hand to remind me of this in the new year:
-I am loved unconditionally by my family
-I must decide each morning to be kind, optimistic and weigh my words before I say them
-I can stand up for myself and be strong...and I can do this without being cruel
-I must work to pay more attention to the world around me...both to words and to things. This will keep me safe and show due respect to others.
-I must explore my opinions and desires dfor things and make sure that I do what I need to to be happy

That's a lot of things...but they are all necessary.

My family gave me a Bodyrock equipment bundle of a sandbag, equalizer bars, bosu ball and weighted vest for christmas so once I figure out what is happening with my neck (my glands are swollen and  may be catching something...or maybe not) I plan to get into being healthy again. The gyms are insanely busy now but I have all the kit I need to work out at home. I just need a few bags of sand and I'm good to go. I hope to grab that today along with some groceries. I indulged over the holidays and enjoyed it but I honestly don't want any more junk...I am done with it for a while.

It is time to be good to myself and those I love and see where this takes me.

I hope your holidays were nice :)

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