monday already??

Well I had a relaxing weekend. Another family gathering with really unhealthy food (hello mannicotti and chicken lasagna!) but it was a nice one. I got some work done and had a nice bonfire on friday with friends.
This AM I was back in to workout to try and get back to "normal" again (whatever that is !)
Workout A + abfest + 27 minutes on the stair climber. Now some overnight oats and it's another long day. I get to cut out early to go home for an energy inspection on our house post furnace install to try and get some rebate $$ back from a government grant program and I hope it's the last time I have to miss work for all this. It's rather annoying. I'm hoping I can just work on my MSc while the inspector does his thing...we shall see.
Must dash.
Science awaits :)

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azusmom said...

Relaxing is good, lol!