I Day is here

Last night was nice. No working, just hanging out with my supervisor and his wife and the other 4 students in his lab. They're all really nice, and there was great food and wine, so it was a good evening. I came home, picked out what I want to wear to my interview and then went to bed on time...
This morning I came in for spin and sculpt and left before the stretching part (don't worry I won't make a habit of it) and had time to make myself look all adult and stuff and curl my hair. I'm wearing my grey cords and a nice red sweater...dressy but not overdone. My cords have lycra in them and they are so comfy...like pyjamas. Heh heh...they're my "power pants" - you can't go wrong when you go to an interview wearing your pyjamas right?
No wait... :)

My interview is after lunch so I just have to not spill on myself this morning (you'd be surprised how hard that is for me to do!) and then do my best. I read up a bit but I don't know how else to prepare.
1:30 PM - I'm so ready for you :)
Crossing my fingers for a good day.

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azusmom said...

You are SO ready!
Go knock 'em dead!