50 seconds is a long time

Last night was a night off from data. So very nice. I worked late for an hour or so and then headed out on a mass grocery run for the month. No J with me so I could take time to squeeze produce and read labels and stock up on good stuff. I got a few tasty cheeses and ingredients for wild rice stuffing for thanksgiving dinner at my dad's on the weekend. After I got home and put it all away and had supper ~9 I found my old CV. I am tweaking it for a new position here where I work and need to submit it by friday-it's exciting and scary all at once. We'll see what happens. I firmly believe that what will be will be, so I'm trying not to worry about it. All I know is I'm pretty damn impressive on paper let me tell you! :D

This morning I was stiff in the tush fromall the lunges in tuesday's spin and sculpt class but I still put myself through one heck of a workout. Wednesday is random new thingy day, so I did the Grab Your Balls workout from Bodyrock TV using an 8Lb medicine ball, and ended off with 20 minutes on the elliptical and some ab work. A solid 453 calories burned...and if I was a bit stiff before, I certainly am definitely stiff now. Despite managing to stab my finger multiple times with a paperclip end resetting my Gymboss interval timer (don't ask...) I must say that having an interval timer certainly adds intensity to my workouts. Doing an exercise full out for a set length of time, without having to count or focus on a clock gives me freedom to push myself...altho I have to say that 50 seconds seems like FOREVER when you're doing burpees!

Must dash - lots to do (what else is new! ).
Later taters!


Charlotte said...

We did that workout too!!! And amen to the 50 seconds of craptastic burpees. Those are officially one of my least fave exercises.

Anonymous said...

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