the shape of things to come

Last night I had a nice supper out with my Dad and family and then had a relaxing evening watching the World Series with Dad. I'm not a huge ball fan but it was nice to visit. I came in for workout B plus abfest plus 26 minutes on the stairclimber. It was modified to not do the things I did yesterday in exercise class, which was kind of nice actually...I was a bit slow from being rather stiff from wednesday and thursday's hard workout classes so it gave me a bit of extra time :)
I've noticed a slightly annoying thing about focusing on exercise and weightlifting which makes sense, but I hadn't thought about - my pants and shirts fit differently now. I have more muscles on my butt and thighs and shoulder upper arm. This is all logical, but women's clothes are not cut for this really. Thankfully I'm not really a different size, just...well...differently shaped. I like it, but it's frustrating. I'll have to do my shopping accordingly. The biggest annoyance I've found is the dainty little arm holes they put on women's shirts. I am far from being SheRa and I find some of them uncomfortable. Anyone recommend a more fitness friendly store to shop in? My new job will require me to wear more than scruffy shirts and jeans, so I need to do a few wise purchases to build up my not so scruffy wardrobe...I'm hoping to do some wardrobe updating when we go to West Ed in December to get our christmas shopping done.

ANYways. Must go. LOTS of work to do...
Hope you all have a great day!

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azusmom said...

Sorry, no shopping suggestions, but I completely share your frustrations with womens' clothes! The designers still seem to think everyone is the size and shape of a runway model. (Sorry, guys, most of us DON'T subsist on heads of lettuce and avoid building muscle like the plague!)

Quite a game last night, though, wasn't it?