creaky me

Now I know how old people feel.
My back and butt are so stiff from yesterday...I actually resorted to taking an Advil! I came in to work out some kinks this morning in Spin and Sculpt class. It actually helped. Our regular instructor is away and another girl taught and she ROCKED. The spin was challenging, and the workout after used resistance bands a lot and I've never really ahd much experience with them. I learned a lot of cool new things to do with them, and we worked hard. I pushed myself and feel a bit more and less stiff depending on the area of my body :) I feel good. Here's hoping the stiffness stays at bay and I have another good day!

Must dash...big day.

Later taters!

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azusmom said...

Oooh, I feel your pain! I find myself taking more warm baths at night and even popping a few ibuprofen here and there as I get older.
Sounds like it was a great class!