2 days in a row

Ah yes...my bus broke down this morning (again...ahem...) but the next one comes along in 10 minutes, so thankfully again I was only a bit late getting started today. I zipped into spin and sculpt about 10 minutes late, but I figure better late than never. Still got a decent workout in and I'm in with healthy meals for another long day - hopefully not as nuts as yesterday tho. No word of a lie when I say that yesterday started at 5:25 and didn't let up until I finally fell into bed at 11:30 - work was nuts and there was SO much to do on my MSc for a deadline rapidly approaching.
I did get 6 solid hours of sleep last night though, which was brilliant. I feel much better today. Sunday J and I went out to a great late comedy horror movie that was showing as a part of the Dark Bridges film festival here in town as a reward for working hard all weekend...laughed and laughed - it was worth going to but it made for a late night and a tired monday. Sometimes you just have be tired you know? :)

I took a break saturday to do the zombie walk here in town. Me and about 300 others shuffled and moaned over the bridge in costumes. Some of them were really well done. I was a zombie scientist...what a hoot. What really cracked me up was the reactions of people who didn't know about the event. Some people actually treid to pretend they didn't see us or ignore us. Really people? Come on...how do you pretend to ignore 300 moaning growling zombified people (all ages!) giggling and shuffling? Silly !

Well my good peeps. It's another crazy day. I'm off.
Haave a good one :)


azusmom said...

Ignoring zombies?!?!?! Silly living people!
Did you see "Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil?" I just saw a preview the other day; it looks hilarious!
Hopefully the craziness of work will be over soon. Hang in there!

Jody - Fit at 53 said...

With all your crazy days, you deserved some fun! LOVE IT!

Geosomin said...

Yes - we saw Dale & Tucker VS Evil. It WAS hilarious!