A little turkey is good for the soul

This weekend went very well.
I had a great time visiting my Dad at the lake. J and I discovered some great hiking trails that I didn't know existed (!!!) about 20 minutes from our cabin, so J and I spent a few hours on Saturday hiking through the woods to the Gem lakes on Saturday- a cluster of tiny lakes in the northern boreal forest named after jewels. It was a gorgeous walk...I loved it. About 5.5 Km - a nice afternoon. Got us out and away from crazy family and let us spend some time together. We both love outdoor hiking and it's been a long long time since we've been able to. It was great.

Sunday was a big gathering of family and friends and it went well. My dad had invited all his friends who've been so kind to him over the last year with Mum gone - I helped to take over the kitchen for the day and we made one heck of a thanksgiving dinner as a little thanks back to them all. We made a delish turkey, with wild rice stuffing and some gluten free dairy free mashed potatoes and veg and a gluten free pumpkin pie (my brother's wife is celiac). Others brought pie and salads and we had a great evening of eating and relaxing. I even got a break after the turkey went in the oven to go for a run down to the narrows and back - about 4Km. I don't run much anymore as my knee complains, but I kept it easy - 4 minutes run + 1 minutes walk and enjoyed the fall leaves and sunshine. It really was a gorgeous day - I earned my glass of wine and pie. It was a great stress release in the middle of a hectic dinner plan :)
Monday it was back home the next day to *another* dinner at J's family's, but we didn't eat too much and got home in time to relax and unpack and get ready for today.
I'm pleased with how the weekend went. We enjoyed ourselves but didn't gorge at the trough - and I didn't kill my sister in law. All around success I'd say!

Unfortunately our new water heater is on the fritz already (hello cold showers!) so boo to that. I'll have to go home early today to get the guy to come fix it. Lame. I shower at the gym so it's no big deal for me but poor J gets yet another cold shower (apparently it wasn't working well on Friday either). He's a good sport about it. I'm hoping we don't get charged for this - new things are supposed to work aren't they? It's only been in 2 weeks...

I hope you all had a great weekend. I did. Very relaxing...a bit busier than I'd have liked, but I can't complain. Lots of Dad hugs. :)
This AM I crawled out from my cozy bed to come in for spin and sculpt class. I moved my leg weird during a squat and my right groin muscle is rather stiff, so I'll be careful today. My body's been great lately at doing everything I've asked it to - I don't want to push it.
Hope you all have a great day. I'm off to cottage cheese and blueberries and coffee and a lab full of surprises. :)

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azusmom said...

Any Thanksgiving that doesn't involve gorging and/or murder is a success in my book!