sneaking in a bit late...

Sorry for the late post. My computer was down to less than 200MB of memory (long was not working well) so it has been wiped, rebuilt and had some RAM added. Woo! It's so fast now.
Pity I'm only here to use it 2 more weeks :)

Anyhoo...this AM I was in for spin and sculpt class and it was hard what with my legs and butt being on fire from boot camp yesterday. I did it all though and ate healthily, since I know tonight will be a bit of a write off food wise. I'm looking forward to an evening of visiting with my Dad and family. We are going out for supper to a favourite mexican place to celebrate my birthday and my new job. One of my supervisors even gave me some $$ to buy a nice bottle of wine :) How cool is that?

So I must dash. Just nesting out the new incredibly fast computer I have here. It was so screwed up before I have forgotten what a real normal computer runs like :)
Good day all!

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