Last night I ran errands all night for the shindig we're helping put with - I am in charge of the bar and have all the stuff I need...and I've decided I'm making jello shooters. Made a few test ones - with spiced rum or vodka to see which is tastier. Inquiring minds want to know! They'll be set to try tonight. I ended up with 16...note to self. Do not eat them all tonight...:) I'll let you know which tastes better...

I was up to workout this morning - my workout with the step ups, one legged deadlifts and upper body work, some squats and schweaty 30 minutes of biking. It felt good. I feel like I've put on a few LBs over the last while. Thick around the middle for a lack of a better way to put it. I plan to keep an eye on that. I don't know if it's PMS or real, but I plan to make sure I don't creep back up.

I am trying to finish my speech tonight so that I can enjoy planning this party...it's coming slowly. I would love to just NOT work on my thesis for a while...and I would love to get more sleep. Soon is a holiday. Soon :)
But, I must go...lots of work to do.

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