Well, today is better. My headache lasted most of yesterday so I just relaxed with J for the evening. I couldn't have concentrated on anything useful. And really -it was nice. Caught up on the Doctor Who I missed and had a nice BBQ. I'm sure I'll regret it from being so busy later, but for now. I'll take it. :)

I came in to do my "other" workout and 30 minutes of sweaty HIIT cardio on the bike and it went well. Now I just have to keep it together and get some work done. After grocery day tonight I have to get started on my data. Yuk.

It's funny -J's Aunt in Vancouver said I was well on my way to looking like Linda Hamilton in T2 with the muscles I'm getting in my arms. Heh heh. I think she was joking but it made me grin from ear to ear. She has no idea that when I feel I can't lift anymore and I'm tired and I want to stop, I just think "Come on! Linda Hamilton baby!" and I lift a few more reps...:)


azusmom said...

"Terminator 2" was on TV last night, and I watched a bit of it. Those arms!!!! How I covet them, lol!

And who knew? Amy wasn't amy, and the real Amy is about to give birth in a little white box with a scary woman in a blinged-out eye patch as her midwife. I LOVE this show!!!!!

Geosomin said...

I *know* much going on! :)