Wow...what a relief

Well, no workout this morning. On the weekend some friends and I put on an all night dance party and it went well. I ran the bar and we decorated up the venue like a forest. Seeing as it went late I still was able to dance like a monkey once we shut down the bar at 2 and we had a blast. We broke even on costs and all the bar proceeds went to really exceeded our plans...we were turning people away! Yes, a fantastic night. I got all dressed up in a costume and looked (if I may be so bold) hot. :) Why work for killer abs when you can't show them off every once in a while!

After the party ended I slept a bit and hunkered down to finish up my MSc 6 month report talk which I had to give this morning...the same one I struggled to make up a report for for the last few weeks. I was up until 2 (yech) so I slept in and didn't workout so I'd have as much sleep as I could to be reasonably coherent and alert. The talk went well. It wasn't stellar, but it was well received and I got a lot of constructive criticism and have a set of goals to try and meet for October...and maybe then if I keep up my efforts and get analysis done I can get permission to write in Oct/Nov...maybe graduate in spring. Oh to dream :)

Having just finished my speech, I'm going to go have some coffee and lunch and try and wake up for the rest of the day. Now that the party and this talk is over there is a HUGE weight off my shoulders. I can relax and start planning for the music festival we're going to soon. It will be so nice to have a few days away with no work...nothing! Just good friends, good music. I can't wait. I hope it doesn't rain....I have rain gear, but it's so much warmer and fun when it's nice out. It's been so rainy all over lately...time for some sunshine.

Must be off. Much to do.


azusmom said...

Go have fun, you've certainly earned it!!!!

Anonymous said...

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