another day another cup of coffee :)

Oh I am so tired...another very late night, but I got some time off last night tho. We have family in town and we went out for sushi. Yum. A bit of relaxing before going home and sorting out all the bills from the party and making sure all is paid. We raised over $400 for charity :) I'll be glad to drop off all the payments today.I don't like having big piles of money in my creeps me out.
This AM I crawled out of bed just in time...made it in for my usual workout and I am in for work as normal. I must say that I am exhausted so I hope a very dull meeting I have to go to in an hour doesn't put me to sleep. When there is only 8 of you at a table it's hard to hide headbobbing :) Here's hoping...
Must dash...another busy day filled with things. J and I are meeting his family that are in town for the Jazz festival for thai food tonight - that should be fun. Until then...caffeine will be my friend :)
Have a great day all!


Scrumpy said...

Thanks for your comment today. :)c

azusmom said...

It's nice to see you're mixing some fun stuff in with all your work!

Sounds like a venti coffee kind of day day.