Love that man

MMM. I just finished cottage cheese with pineapple and blueberries for breakfast. How can something that healthy be so decadently delicious? Best breakfast. I also have a Nature's Path Lotta Apricotta's a yummy day so far!
Despite getting worked up last night and not being able to sleep until about 2 I was in to workout this AM (with a little help from a cup of joe) and I did my usual step up lower body workout with the upper body work and 30 minutes of HIIT biking. My abs and butt are sore from yesterday but nearly as much as I feared. I was able to do my thing today without cursing and I sat down at my desk to type this without wincing. Pretty good :)
Tonight I have more numbers to crunch after a nice day of a complicated and hideously expensive (but highly enjoyable and challenging) experiment to do for a diabetes study. It will be good to be busy...
I'm hoping I can walk home alone the river with my luv before I get down to work tonight. A little break in the middle of another full day...I luv that man :)

Have a great day everyone!