Where has all the time gone?

Wow...sorry. Apparently I've been falling behind in a lot of things lately, including blogging.
Comic Expo in Calgary was a blast. road trip with the girls and lots of time spent gawking at costumes and finding a few amusing odd things (like a bunch of cheap Godzilla DVDs, a Venture Industries T Shirt, Moltar figurine, bday gift for J, and some steampunk goggles) I was sorely tempted by a gorgeous corset...but I did not have $200 to spare. Pity. it was all sorts of hotness :) I got Elvira's autograph for my brother...she looks AMAZING for 59. All real too. I hope to look that good when I'm that age...and saw many cool people: Maurice LeMarche, and a number of actors, and graphic artists I admire. Even Mr. Shatner himself. Sat in the Ghostbusters car. Oh yes...even tho I had to come home saturday night with J and miss superhero VS zombie rollerderby it was just what I needed. It made working all sunday to finish off my paper evil after having a break, but it was nice to be normal for a few days.
My 6 month report is done, figures made and handed in. It's not perfect, but it will do. Currently I'm back at the slave labour putting together my talk that I give monday morning all about that paper. I and a group of like-minded peoples are putting on a dance/party saturday night and so I will be busy all weekend with that - my job, after decor, is to run the bar all night. So I must get this mostly done before it, as I may not be in great shape sunday! Of course my MSC supervisor picked this weekend to come to town for a visit, so I get to meet with her 9 AM saturday too, just for sh*ts and giggles...*sigh*. Grrr. I just have to keep going. After my speech it will lighten up a bit. Plus, next weekend I go away to a music festival for 5 days...and it can't come soon enough.
Other than attacking a bag of fruit gummies on the weekend my eating was pretty good. I had a few mojitos, but all in all, I did well. Monday I was back in at my regular workout and tuesday was more of the same. This morning I dropped into the spin and sculpt class to have my ass kicked. I'm PMSing to the nines so I tried my best to not eat everything in sight yesterday...
Monday night after handing in my paper i took the whole night off. IT was glorious. I hung out with friends, brainstorming and planning for the event we're putting on this saturday, and made a zillion origami things for incidental decor. I can now make origami devil masks, tulips, irises cranes and roses. Giggedy.

And so...I must run. Lots to do, as always. I just caffeinated myself up so I must use that energy and get busy in the lab for my "regular" job.
Oh the glorious life of a lab rat!
Later taters :)

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