The game is afoot

I'm not entirely sure what happened this morning. Whether I shut off my alarm or jsut pressed snooze without knowing it I slept in 30 minutes. I guess I needed it :)
I still got up and game in to the gym for a shorter workout - 30 sweaty minutes on the arc trainer and 3 sets of deadlifts. I watched my knee and it wasnice enough to let me have a day on the arc trainer. I'm rather proud of myself that I'm not sore from yesterday, because I pushed myself in the class. Guess I am in shape after all!

Last night I tried to do some more work on my paper but didn't get too much done after I got home. I couldn't access some of my data on the server and there was a roaring thunderstorm so I did a bit of work, but then just just decided I'd done enough and spent some time with J. We caught up on Doctor Who once the lightning let up (MAN I love that show!! As the Dude would say - "new shit has come to light man!")
I was in bed by midnight and today I just have to work hard because tomorrow - COMIC CON in Calgary! I can't wait. I'll likely come back early to finish up my paper on sunday (and miss the Zombie VS superhero roller derby...:( ) but it will be 2 days of fun. A good reward for working hard and keeping it together.

And so I must be off. Have a wonderful day everybody :)

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azusmom said...

River is Amy's DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!

Have a GREAT time at ComiCon; you have more than earned it!