Yay! My brother's sick!

Wait...that sounds awful.

What I mean is usually most wednesdays I go to my brother's to hang out and have supper before heading home. I was bemoaning my lack of workout time today for most of the day, since once I got home I would have to work on my speech for tomorrow...but now I can go home and workout, shower and THEN still have whatever the heck I want for supper and *still* work on my talk I have to give tomorrow...

I've never been so happy about my brother having the flu before...

Did my Core workout and the Cardio part in the lovely sunny outdoors! Speedy walking in the sunshine. Man I keep forgetting that walking is good too...I gave in and ran for about 30 seconds and then reined myself in...baby steps grasshopper.
Then home to a tasty healthy supper...major procrastination and relaxing and now...to work!

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Sagan said...

There's a bright side to everything ;) Awesome workout! Walking is pure happiness.