Lazy weekends in the sunshine

Had a relaxing weekend with visiting friends...sunny and warm so we spent a lot of time out on the deck, ate poorly at first. My stomach reminded me to stop and I got back to better eating. We pulled out the BBQ and grilled a cold smoked steak and a bit of melted blue cheese on top of it. Never tried that befor but Mmmmm....with baked potato and salad? YUM.
As a plus, my cold is nearly gone. My head no longer feels like a floating balloon and I think tomorrow I can start up my workouts again. My cough is nearly gone and my breathing is getting much better.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


Lucas said...

I think I might prefer a cold to the constant allergy head I have going on right now. Would LOVE to claw my eyes right out of my head about now. :) Glad you are feeling better and that meal does sound YUM!

Sagan said...

That's good that you're feeling better! Also that steak with cheese, baked potato and salad sounds DELICIOUS. Have you tried wrapping baby potatoes in tin foil and putting that on the barbecue? If you add a pat of butter and salt/pepper to the package, it tastes freakin' awesome. And I bet it would go very well with cheesy steak :D