CP1: Core Performance kicks my ass

My resistance band thingamagigs came before the weekend so I thought I'd start off my new month by getting up and starting the Core Performance program.

Whew. I thought it would be a cakewalk.
By the end I was huffing and sweating and I felt it...I can still feel it in my butt. Lots of strengthening and stretching moves...and all you need are some free weights, resistance bands and a foam roller. Not expensive and I have to say - a solid workout...even on the newbie startup level. They have pictures. For a clutz like me that was invaluable. Apparently you can see video examples of the moves on the website...
The only part that confused me is they have a "2 inch run" where you run and slowly shuffle forward. It is for 2 reps of 8. The book says "do it for the required time". I'm baffled as to what that time is. It doesn't say anywhere. Do I do it for 2 X 8 minutes? 2 X 8 2 inch runs? Very confusing. I just did 4 X 2 minutes as fast as I could slowly moving around the room...it was hard. Maybe I should do it for 8 X 2 minutes? 2 X 8 minutes? If anybody knows what to actually do I'd be grateful. I'm going to see if the website says anything. I want to make sure I'm actually doing it all...
I used my heart rate watch - I know why the monitor is made of rubber now...it stayed in place even when I sweated all over it :) AND I was definitely in range...I even was over the top of it in my run in place thingamagigs. It was cool...

And the best part? My knee feels AOK. I can tell I used it in the lunges to the side and sliding lunges but it doesn't hurt or click.

Best free book I've ever gotten :)


Sagan said…
Woo victory! I have that book too and I quite like it, but I don't understand the run thing, either. It's awesome to find really solid workouts that are challenging- especially when we don't expect them to be!
Charlotte said…
Yeah - we underestimated the newbie level too. And my hammies and butt are KILLING me today in protest. And of course we're doing it again tomorrow:) Glad it's working out so well for you! I e-mailed you about the 2-inch runs. Basically I have no idea either.

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