Rolling Rolling Rolling....

Today is my progress meeting speech. I think I'm ready. Mostly.
Wish me luck...

Just think - only 20 more months of this MSc left!

I did some of the Core Performance moves this AM on my "recovery day" with the foam roller. Self massage feels so nice. I have to pick up a tennis ball after bellydance class tonight to do the rest of the muscle recovery moves...should be good.
The parts of my butt I could get to this AM feel a bit less stiff. I'm not as sore sitting down this AM...It's more of a hamstringy thingy now. My friend (who is a professional massage therapist) told me once that a muscle that hurt to put pressure on needed to be massaged out...and that would be my butt and hamstrings right now :)It'll all work itself out in time...feels good to exercise again and not have my knee bother me at all :)

Oh - I got a reply back from the Core Performance peoples...apparently the 2 inch run intervals given are in seconds (???) so the 2 X 8 is 2 sprints of 8 seconds. Doesn't seem like much, admittedly, but I'll take their word for it - they seem to know what's what...


Charlotte said…
2 sprints of 8 seconds?? Whilst only moving 2 inches??? Weird.

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