All aboard the train to Whackadoo

I am so tired.
I was up half the night as dazed moral support.
My husband is having issues with his audio gear....and needs to use it in 48 hours. For a live show. Yeah. NOT good news. I love him dearly and he's very talented, but something like this makes you just want to quit and sell your stuff...when things randomly just don't work? I can't help at all. Just watch. There is nothing more frustrating...

Me? I'm working on my project and extended to the wing wang...and now, very tired. When J is stressed I am stressed by proxy. This was supposed to be my happy break weekend away and all I want to do is sleep.

I would like it very much to give the world a good smack and tell it to smarten up and act it's age. I don't need inanimate objects mucking with my life...there's enough going on already.


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Geosomin said...

Found a way round it for now...weekend back on.

HUGE sigh of relief....