Sneezing and evil pizza

Well I am dogged with a cold so no workout for me. All weekend I've been sniffling and wachooing up a storm. I tend to wear myself out meeting deadlines...and often get sick after. Oh times for me. I feel like I just got over a cold. But what can ya do other than take it easy and try and get better right?

Yesterday I drugged up myself to get to my cute little niece's birthday party. It's funny - they said no gifts, so I just got a few little fun things for them to do outside and get active like a skipping rope, some bubbles and cidewalk chalk...glad I did as noone lietsned to the no gift thing. There were LOTs of gifts. Most were (sigh) princess themed. Lots of them requiring no imaginations at all. Humph I say. I am determined to be the wierd aunty who gives fun toys you actually play and use your imagination with and then play with them until they wear right out having fun. It can be tricky at times. :)
At the party I learned how much differently I've been eating lately. Last month was all homemade foods...healthy menu choices (still is mostly). At the party, my sis-in-law had munchy snacks (which I of course ate-I have no willpower) and then made pizza and iced tea and chocolate cake. She's a good cook and it wasn't really that "bad" of stuff, just lots of fatty meats and lots of whole fat cheese on the pizza. And...well I gotta say. I only had 2 pieces of pizza and soon after - blech. That pizza made my stomach HURT. Little ice picky stabs of gas pain for an hour or so after. Not cool. Enough to not want pizza for a while.

All I can think of is that lately we've beet eating low fat cheese and homemade sauces and lean meats. I've not been not crazy restricted. I mean, I had just made J and I homemade pizza friday night...chock full of healthy stuff-lean meats, veggies and low fat cheese. I guess full on fatty sausage and lots of full fat cheddar makes me ill now. Wierd.
Sure I had already felt rather crummy, but wow. Makes me wonder how I used to eat all that stuff all the time before...

Seeing as food currently has not a lot of flavour I don't think it will be an issue to eat healthy today. I don't munch when food tastes like nothing. I drink lots of tea.

Mmm. Tea.

Here's to feeling better.

Have a good day all!


azusmom said...

OK, I'm gonna be shallow for a moment here and say that the Darth Vader pizza is AWESOME!!!!!
I LOVE the idea of the kind of gift you gave! My daughter (6) has a few princess-y things, but she prefers stuff you can bang on the floor and make lots of noise with. Or a mess. She LOVES to make a mess!
Besides, in her view, princesses are for wimps. She's Yhe Queen, and woe to anyone who fails to recognize that, lol!

Marste said...

Man, aversion therapy can be a great thing, can't it? There are certain foods I just can't eat without getting sick on. After a couple of times, it's SO not worth it. :P

(But I must confess a secret love of all things princess-related!)