squeaky me

Waiting for my cold to go away.
Go away already...

When I get chest colds my asthma goes whackadoo (yes it's my new favourite word? What of it?). My lungs lose capacity, become inflamed and squeak. Gurgle. I cough. I wheeze. If you have asthma you know what I mean. It's not just regular chest congestion...your lungs actually inflame and seize up and it takes ventalin and steroids to breathe like a regular person. I thank the lords of pharmacy every day that I live in an age where ventalin exists. I just don't want to imagine otherwise...

So, yeah, working out is quite honestly not possible for a few days yet.
But, soon, I know I'll get back to it.
I can do it.
When I don't get squeaky lungs from basic things like going up a few flights of stairs I know I can start short cardio stints again.



Sagan said…
At first I read that as "whackadoodle". Heh.

I hope you feel better soon! Rest is better than to exert yourself- the body would just be hurting for even longer.
Geosomin said…
I like whackadoodle too :)
That would be a noun. Whackadoo is a verb...

and I'm a nerd...

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