Friday finally. Strength workout #2. Wowzers...

Well, it's my day off (technically) so I slept in and then did my second day of strength on my Core Performance workout. Wow...My legs and butt were just wiped by the slide back lunges. And yet...knees AOK. Woo. I don't think I could have done anymore after though. It really works your core muscles...I did lots of stretching and had a long hot shower so hopefully I can still move around tomorrow!

Last night at bellydance class was a lot of actual performance drills...which is nice. It's one thing to follow a teacher, but entirely another to be in formation and be pulled up to lead position nd have to just come up with 2 or 3 moves to lead...a challenge. That plus some zills and it was a good solid lesson.

Best part? A girl in class ordered in something fro me and it finally very own dance scimitar....muahahah! Oh yes. In tribal they use these wicked curved pointy scimitars for balancing...I have a more dainty traditional style Egyptian one...which is beautiful...but now in the group I match. And it's wicked cool...and she got it for about half normal price.
I can't wait to practice with it next week...bwaha!
I just have to keep it together for the rest of the day...a bit of work here and there...and I get weekend evenings off with my J. Movies and chillaxing. I can't wait. I've picked up a sniffle which I'm hoping is due to the wierdass windstorms and weather...if I'm sick all weekend the queen will not be amused.
Either is good. My presentation yesterday was well nigh flawless and I'm on track with my MSc committee...yes. Good...

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