This morning was MISERABLE. I was tired and cranky and although I was supposed to do 2 min walk + 5 min run 7 times, I slacked off in the last minute of the last run before my 10 minute walk. Not a big deal, but I"m mad at myself for giving in at the very end. I was just so incredibly tired I couldn't do it anymore...

Today I feel so very tired...I was hoping th erun would perk me up.
No such luck.
BUT soon - this weekend is the marathon.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Don't be too hard on yourself--perhaps your body was trying to tell you it needed a bit more downtime.

I think slacking is more like skipping the whole workout, for many days in a row. (At least for me, the important part of motivation is getting out there and getting started. I always give myself permission to cut a workout short if I'm truly tired).

Sounds to me like you're doing great. There are always going to be really sucky days, often for no particular reason. At least for me, the key to keeping up with my long-term exercise goals is to congratulate myself constantly for all the efforts I make. I get double credit for going out at all on a day I'm feeling tired and cranky!)