S A T U R D AY night

had a lovely day today...
Slept in, made french toast with strawberries and got the BBQ up and running.
i even won a summer solstice bouquet of flowers from a local florist and I picked them up.
They're a bunch f yellow red and orange roses and they smell lovely. I put them in the pottery pitcher I bought at Doolin pottery guild in Ireland. I plan on staring at them a lot...I'm even taking them into my room tonight so I can look at hem in the morning.

AND after a day of things it was nice and sunny and not too hot so I thought "hey, why don't I go for a run?"
And so I did...the usual 2 min walk 5 minute run 6 times thing. It was a lovely run and I came home to J also working out. I've just had a cold glass of melonade and I'm off to shower and use the BBQ...

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