Music to Boogie to

Because I feel the need, I wanted to list my soundtrack for running on sunday. It was a great mix of favorite upbeat songs that kept me moving. I only made it up the start of the Mushroom track, but it was great. I like running and walking to music - it makes it that much better of an experience

500 Miles - The Proclaimers
Deisel Power - Prodigy
The Shouty Track - Lemon Jelly
Everybody Loves A Carnival - Fat Boy Slim
Light is In Your Eyes - Voodoo Child
In My Heart - Moby
Crazy Stranger - Nickodemus
Body Movin'- Beastie Boys
Ray of Light - Madonna
Eat it Raw - Infected Mushroom
Direct Drive - ECD
Galaxy Bounce - Chemical Brothers
The White Room - The KLF
SpyBreak! - Propellorheads
Don't Stop Me Now - Lemon Jelly

As for fitness, I walked to work today - briskly for 40 minutes. Tomorrow it's back at the running...eep. I'll have to tell myself what to do know...

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leslie said...

Love the list. We have some overlap in what we like. I love the song "Flower" by Moby, especially for kettlebell swings. Love Chemical Brothers. Can't think of others now, but certainly appreciate new songs to consider!