One week left!

Just had to add that LAST saturday I did my thing too...3 minutes walk 4.5 minutes run 7 times plus a 5 min walk.

Today?? Well I walked to work.
It's the last week of workouts. I'm wondering if I should run my Sat run the day before the marathon or jsut wait...I'll decide when I get there, since I"m going out to regina to dance like a twit on friday night.
Less than a week until the marathon...
Cool & frightening.
I'll have to tell myself what to do after that...odd

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Crabby McSlacker said...

I was totally drawn in by the word "slacker" in your sidebar profile, but I can see you're only a pretend slacker. You run! You're a scientist! Being a scientist is hard and not for slackers. Methinks ye slacketh not. But I suspect you are, as you claim, a nice person.

I'm not normally quite this silly. I swear.