slacking on the posting

It's pouring rain (for a change...) so I did 45 minutes on the crosstrainer downstairs varying the incline and tension. THen I did some situps too.

I tried to run saturday and it was dismal...I thought I would die.
It was stupidly hot and after 3 times of walking 2 minutes and running 5 I had to just walk 2 run 2 till I was back home. It was sick...the worst run I've ever had.
Note to self - DON'T run when it's really hot out...

I went to Champion sunday night and spent a good hour or so hopping up and down so I didn't run monday and moved it to tuesday...

I hope I can keep this up...


I'm like you--I just wilt when it's hot and can't do anywhere near my normal exercise.

I use a heartrate monitor, so it confirms that I'm actually freaking dying out there, and it's not just psychological. So good for you for modifying your run rather than passing out!

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