I did it :)

I deeeeeed it!

ON sunday morning I ran the 5Km race in 40 minutes and 20 seconds...I only walked 2 minutes of that! I can't believe I ran almost all of it...I'm really amazed.


And my sweet husband and some of his friends surprised me at the finish with signs and crazy loud cheering and it really made my day. Apparently there's a shot in the paper of us all later cheering on another friend who was doing the 10 Km run and me warming up beforehand...now I have to track down a paper...:) J took some photos of me running but they're rather blurry...what with me running and all. It was a wonderful time - becuase you could walk or run there were people of all ages and families doing the events, 2, 5 and 10 Km. It was a wonderful experience - a real community event. There were over 800 people involved in it. And me? well, I am very proud of myself. I plan to keep at it.
Who knows, maybe I can do 10 Km next year?


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